Monday, April 15, 2013

Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1)Dragon by Rustin Petrae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rustin Petrae creates a tangible world unlike any I have ever read about.
Where you are either a "Rook" technologically advanced person. One who has grown up using tiny nano robots to recreate an extension of your ideas. If you are one of the few you can create anything you put your mind to. But most have vast blueprints at a fingers touch.


Your life has been one close to the earth, living off what is naturally grown. Terraquois the totally counter part of the Rooks in almost every way. Upon living hand and hand with nature, this way of life definitely has its perks.. like say changing in to an animal, or being able to communicate with plants..

Kinda like a Romeo and Juliette in a fantasy setting! The Rook prince is saved by a Terraquois girl. They slowly learn that besides the obvious differences they do have allot of similarities. Which just happen to be the way they start to feel about each other.

Every story needs a bad guy and the one who shows his ugly face in this tale is nefarious to the core. I found this book to be a jem in YA fiction I received it for an honest review. First time reading this author but his work is a fast favorite.

The story line is beautifully written and I found myself consuming line by line. I truly felt moved by various parts of the book. When I say tangible I mean the description is so lush your mind can not help but visualize the world Rustin Petrae has created!!

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